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ICE Clinical Observation Language (ICOL)

There are no single published or accepted language that comprehensively and logically describes the discrete facts about a patient's clinical condition that can be used scientifically to create a standardized methodology of analyzing myriad of clinical observations, interventions and outcome in medicine, hence the development of ICE™ Clinical Observation Language vocabulary (ICOL). The unique features of "ICOL" is that it is made up of short phrases that could be plugged-in to a note without any modification, or joined with other phrases in the ICOL data dictionary to form a complete sentence. ICOL contains over 50,000 phrases and clinical terminology developed by InterCare team of clinician experts, which are linked to over 200,000 clinical terms and codes, that could be customized or used as-is, to generate a scientifically research quality outcome measures, without compromising the quality of clinical documentation and patient care.

ICE™ Clinical Observation Language (ICOL) provides the corroborating ‘glue’ that ties together the outcomes, diagnoses, interventions, procedures, activities and patient response to care delivery into complete scientific granular and comparable clinical content.

When a significant number of patient encounters are recorded using the same clinical language vocabulary, the value of the resulting clinical information is profound. Use of this data will facilitate unprecedented and rapid improvement in the consistency and quality of care delivery for an individual patient. This capability will be facilitated by the ability to accurately and consistently measure and improve patient outcomes in response to care rendered while at the same time reducing the cost. ICE™ clinical documentation provides the necessary consistency in the recording of patient health observations required for this process to work.

Summary of the languages implemented and/or supported in ICE™ are:

  • ICD-9-CM
  • CPT
  • NIC
  • NOC
  • ICE Clinical Observation Language (ICOL)
  • DSM-IV
  • Other Third party clinical libraries such as SNOMED, LOINC, the Read Codes and other UMLS components languages.

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