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The Company developed the Mirage Systems Multimedia Biofeedback software program in 1994. This is a cross-platform program available in both Microsoft Windows 3.X including windows 95; 98 and Apple Macintosh platforms. This software became the first United States FDA approved software program for neuromuscular re-education and biofeedback training. The Company also has four other software products in the market including the "Body Pain Trigger Points Program", one of our best selling software products, with over 20,000 copies sold.

e-Learning Integrated Technology Enterprise Systems (Elite Systems™)

This is an innovative software developed for Education Management. The application is adaptable to all levels of student education from kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary education. It has a fully integrated tuition, boarding and lodging management, enterprise vendor portal, customer relationship management, enterprise budgeting and financial management as well as other tools used in administering education at all levels.

InterCare Clinical Explorer (ICE™)

InterCare Clinical Explorer (ICE™) is an innovative software application designed to integrate virtually all aspects of the Healthcare Enterprise.

ICE™'s extensive, scalable system flexibility allows its adaptation to clinical workflow, operating independently in centralized and decentralized facilities. The program features intuitive order entry, "tapering" orders, a clinical knowledge base, digital video enhanced patient education module, real-time electro-physiological data capture and display, voice command, voice recognition, digital dictation module and numerous other capabilities to complement and document the diagnostic and treatment processes, including unlimited free-text notes.

Microsoft OCX, GRID, SQL Server and PUSH technologies are provided on ICE™ , and the system provides real time information to physicians and other healthcare providers on a need-to-know basis. Maximized information displays increase workflow efficiency by minimizing mouse clicks and screen changes. ICE™ is available for both inpatient and outpatient clinical documentations, thus enabling healthcare providers to be able to create a life-time longitudinal multimedia patient clinical record.

InterCare has also transitioned the ICE™ software solution into an Internet web-browser enabled application. This will facilitate access to the ICE™ data repository. ICE™ Internet capabilities will
facilitate the proactive participation of the consumer in the entire care delivery process. As such, InterCare will have ICE™ positioned to become a significant player in the growing market of
Internet-based, e-healthcare community solutions. This will significantly expand the scope of
available healthcare solutions

InterCare Vascular Diagnostic Center

The InterCare Vascular Diagnostic Center was developed to measure vascular health in patients before exhibiting symptoms. It does this by estimating atherosclerotic burden and arterial compliance. The results can be used to assist physicians in assessing and managing patients already demonstrating or with the potential for developing underlying vascular disease. A comprehensive system for measuring atherosclerotic burden, this technology uses segmental plethysmography which measures and records the instantaneous variation in arterial volume in a specific limb segment during each cardiac cycle. Numerous studies support the finding that arterial compliance relates directly to cardiovascular disease or potential of stroke.

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